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I am actively involved with various organizations in Bay area, whether it is a local school foundation, IRS low-income tax preparation program, etc. I understand the local issues that impact Bay Area counties such as homelessness as I was involved in distributing food at a local homeless encampment. I bring a fresh perspective and seek to break away from traditional politics that often prioritize special interests. By advocating a more transparent, accountable, and community-centric governance model, aligning with the aspirations of many who seek a more inclusive and responsive political system. I believe that your local representative should be easily accessible and should be held accountable for his decision. I am a proponent of regular communication with constituents whether via town halls or other public engagements that can bring transparency and help build trust with the community.

I am a Chartered Accountant from India and a CPA from California, with twenty-five years of industry experience working with small/large teams, I have the problem-solving skills that are required to solve local and state problems such as budget deficits.

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