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Ashish Garg is dedicated to building a more inclusive political system that serves all Californians. He believes that education is a fundamental right and will work to ensure that every student has access to high-quality education. Ashish opposes special and corporate interests in politics, and will fight to bring transparency and accountability to our political system.


Fostering communication and engagement with constituents is a fundamental aspect of a responsive and inclusive political system. By actively involving constituents in decision-making processes and maintaining open lines of communication, elected representatives can build trust, better understand community needs, and make informed decisions that reflect the diverse perspectives of their constituency.
Ashish is a proponent of inclusive education. This philosophy and approach in education promotes the idea that all students, regardless of their differences, should be educated together in mainstream classrooms. It emphasizes the importance of providing equitable opportunities for learning and participation for all students, including those with disabilities, learning difficulties, special needs, and diverse backgrounds.
STOP Special/Corporate Interest in Politics
As a candidate for the California Assembly, Ashish has made it his mission to bring transparency and accountability back to our government. By implementing lobbying reforms, ending corporate PAC contributions, and standing up for publicly funded elections, Ashish is fighting to give power back to the people. Join our group to learn more about how his work on corporate accountability  can help make California a better place.
Ashish Garg recognizes the importance of protecting our environment for future generations. He is committed to prioritizingAs a candidate for California State Assembly, my top priority is to advocate for policies that benefit the diverse communities in our region. My platform is built on addressing key issues, such as affordable prescription drugs, expanding mental health services, and eliminating predatory practices. Check out some of my projects below and see how we can create real change together. water conservation in drought-prone California and taking action to combat climate change. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect our planet.
To reduce homelessness there is no one size fits all approach, homelessness crisis has to be tackled by combination of various majors by building a comprehensive plan at state and local level to address the root cause of this issue. Ashish focus is on creating meaningful change and improving the quality of life for those in our community. By taking proactive steps such as providing affordable housing, mental health support, and job training, we can empower people to reach their full potential. Find out more about my vision for our community and how I plan to put it into action.
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